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SwiftSel Communications Services And Technologies -Our Focus:

  • We’re like a Bus Dev Super Store.
  • Specialists in B-2-B Complex Sales Process Optimization Services
  • You Can Compress Your Sell Cycle & Get Down Cycle Fast 

Illuminate & Enliven Your Markets Worldwide.

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Powerful market driven programs to supercharge & better enable the sell cycles of serious High Technology Groups:

    • Z_HandshakeWithBorder_1Direct Services – You can power your sell cycle with our serious professional services
      • molumen_phone_icon Enterprise Grade Lead Demand Generation Services – That can help you to get to decision makers, get them interested & qualify if they might have a serious chance of being your customer.
      • Home Of The SwiftSel Methodologies – Proven advanced field-tested/field-hardened methodology driven capabilities that can better enliven your markets, directly.
      • inservice_presentation_01Field Hardened Knowledge – Train your sales & marketing people so that they can apply themselves in the same SwiftSel Methodologies that have powered an estimated in excess of 80,000 Enterprise Grade Sales Leads, & billions of dollars of sales for many years.
  • Online Marketing Technologies – That can help you to sell & even marketing automation to help you to more efficiently drive your sell cycle.
    •  ADSC Lighthouse Software
      • Business Process Management Software – with an AI core whose knowledge engines can help to make your sales process and your business more efficient.
      • Community_by_Merlin2525Don’t Just Survey, Communicate
      • Dynamic Natural Language For HTML 5 – This is a natural language capability on the Web that can be used like a consultant on the Web.
      • Powerful Rule Based Content – You can easily let our Knowledge Engines help your team and your customers in your sell cycle and generally in your business with:
        • Intelligent Document Completion.
        • Online Training & Testing.
        • Advisory Systems.
        • Smart Communication Where Ever You Need It Globally.
    • 5
    • Scriptcase Partner For Canada – We are the Scriptcase Partner For Canada.
    • Powerful Easy Enablement – Scriptcase is used in over 140 countries globally by thousands of users & is growing by 40% per annum.
      • Access Your Corporate Data – Anywhere Securely
      • 14Enterprise Knowledge Enrichment – You can easily turn your corporate knowledge assets in your Enterprise Databases into powerful Business Intelligence & full-scale Web Applications. Including databases like Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase & Others.
      • Facilitated Development – Or let us help you to make that happen. We have access to some of the most skilled Scriptcase Developers in the world.
      • Powerful Analytics – You can power your  understanding of your markets and your business with Scriptcase, and your users can even rearrange their understanding of your knowledge assets after that – visually.
      • Can Actually Work With ADSC Lighthouse – You can embed Scriptcase  and  you can use our powerful Knowledge Engines to help advance your business.
    •  Mautic Logo3 Mautic Marketing Automation
      • The World’s First Open Source Marketing Automation – Pay for implementation, Support and Training not licensing.
      • Accessible Cost And Resulting Value  – Accessible pricing for businesses large & small.
      • No Customer Limits – On the number of your customers that you serve.
      • Integration Without Limits – An open package with our powerful integration capabilities. And we can integrate with other existing technologies in your Enterprise.
      • Handshake Advance Your Sell Cycle – Don’t just start your sell cycle with us. You can nourish and enhance it throughout again and again, easily.
      • Powerful  – Useful and affordable & open Marketing Automation through Mautic.
      • Drive Your Markets – Mautic can help to drive your sell cycle
  • TheStructorr_magnifying_glassSwiftSel Market Testing & Analysis – Potent Market realignment capabilities.
    • Marketing Plan Analysis & Assessment – Don’t just create your Marketing Plan in a vaccuum.
    • Beyond Just Opinions – And don’t just take our word for it.
    • scienceTests With Actual Decision Makers – Like a forward seeking quality circle that can be both qualitative & quantitative all at the same time.
    • The Market Can Be The Best Teacher – If you have a group that can overcome the complexities of learning those lessons with you.
  • Online, Offline & Other Sales Enablement – You can get strong help in solving the problems of dealing with complex hyper-competitive markets.

Our Markets

Pure specialized B to B oriented, advisory & technology-based:

  • Complex products/services for complex sales & marketing processes.
  • We provide services to the High Technology Industry, Professional Services & other aligned industries with complex hyper-competitive & demandingsales & marketing processes.

Our SwiftSel Methodologies Capabilities

What are the SwiftSel Methodologies?

  • A proven set of field hardened, field tested methodologies that have been successfully implemented from small groups to Fortune 500’s to better enable more predictably achievable ROI results in complex sales & marketing processes.

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