How can you find, sustain or build on new sales and marketing success? You start with the right tools, techniques, strategies, tactics, knowledge. Everybody uses them to some extent and to greater or lesser advantage. But it’s really how you put them all together that makes the difference between sporadic results and consistent success. That requires a methodical and integrative approach, on a best efforts basis.

Advanced training of our people in the sales and marketing methodologies we call SwiftSel gives us our advantage in outsource sales and marketing. We offer that same core knowledge to your in-house sales staff through live or video conferencing training sessions. Areas include customer service and customer support. Offered on an as available basis, for your employees to apply to themselves. Advanced training only.

There are a number of other SwiftSel Training course training modules also available, that are based on some of our core SwiftSel RAD Technique principles, including: Quality Assurance In Complex Sales & Marketing Processes, SwiftSel Project Management, & SwiftSel Customer Service among others.

Service ModuleSwiftSel:Training
DescriptionTraining in SwiftSel methodologies
ElementsStandard or customized technical telemarketing training
Standard or customized customer service rep training, mentoring, sales support

One or multi-day live or video conferencing training (as available).