Our Advanced Services:

Now that you have your qualified leads and stronger potential vendor positioning’s, you have to move your sell cycle on to completion. SwiftSel: Advanced offers an array of advisory services & products designed that can help you to prepare your sales and marketing environment and processes for a higher and more productive level of operations. 

Our Quality Assurance Services For Complex Sell Cycles:

Our Quality Assurance Services For Complex Sell Cycles can allow you to better deal with targeting, on an ongoing basis. This is not simply a one-time process. Instead it is a corporate lifestyle change, & process of ongoing improvement. The point is to progressively hone, your understanding, against a strong methodology for doing so, of the ongoing symptoms germane to your overall sales process, & by the application of you & your team to specific sell cycles.

We’ve integrated common quality assurance techniques with our RAD, (Recognize/Analyze/Deploy) Techniques, to allow for a truly sales & marketing process oriented set of capabilities.

Certainly, we are not trying to simply quality assuring software development, or keeping burrs, from being on metal. Instead, we’ve applied common QA techniques to our boot-strap methodologies for recognizing market reactions, which we’ve used since long before ADSC. Put this together, with our long history of field tested/field hardened understanding, that has been tested with a number of clients over the years, & we have the capabilities which can allow you to better hone, your ongoing progressively more aligned reactions to the market place.

This involves both an application of our knowledge based capabilities, & the findings of you & your own sales team in the field.

Via both advising, training, & automated capabilities to maintain this, we can provide you & your team the means to increasingly, progressively hone your reactions to the reactions of the market.

Instead of fretting what your lead creation, filtering, follow-up & closure strategies might be, let us help you as you direct, to come to a better understanding of your options.

Marketing & Business Development Super Store:

Further, if you are a marketing or business development leader or process, in your group we can act as the rough equivalent of a complex sales & marketing superstore. Services & products that can help to better enable your overall sales & marketing processes are what we can assist you & your team with.

Agency Based Out-Sourced Resources When You Need Them:

However, if you do not have such functions within your group, we can, on an outsourced agency level provide such capabilities on a very cost effective, & quality based level.

Our Sales Process Enablement Services:

Our Sales Process Enablement Services from our Open Opportunity Division can help you & your team more efficiently set up an environment for dealing more effectively with customers. Specialized sales and marketing oriented assessment and reformulation can let you adjust your work flow so that all your cycles meet. Advanced Sales Force Automation will keep your reps in touch with constantly changing customer and market information, and Human Factors Analysis will improve the effectiveness of your marketing collaterals and other documentation.

Sales & Marketing Technologies Governance & Risk Managment:

Given the complexity of today’s sales & marketing environments, including mobile & stationary staff, servers, mobile/SAAS/Cloud & other technologies & the real-time needs that drive the use of all of these, in your marketplace, we even have recourse to capabilities to allow for better sales technologies & human/machine integration Governance & Risk Management.

Web Base Advisory Systems & More:

We have a number of other advanced services. However, with our web based intelligent advisory capabilities, not only can we better assist you. You could even use technologies like this to better advise your own clients.

Service Module

  • SwiftSel:Advanced


  • Sales and marketing advisory services and support


  1. Quality assurance of complex sales & marketing processes
  2. Sales and marketing advisory services
  3. Marketing & business development super store
  4. Agency based out-sourcing of marketing & business development capabilities when needed
  5. Sales process enablement services
  6. Sales & marketing processes technology governance, risk management & support
  7. Web based advisory systems & more.


  1. Can lead to better capabilities to focus on more likely accounts, & better avoid less likely accounts.
  2. To better hone your sales & marketing processes.
  3. To find the services & products that can better enable your sales & marketing processes.
  4. To better gain the resources you need as a point or full closed loop operation, quickly, efficiently & cost-effectively, on an out-sourced agency basis.
  5. To gain the point capablities you need to better fill in your sales & marketing process requirements.
  6. Improved capabilities to better keep disparate stationary & mobile people & systems running.
  7. The ability to better discern where your prospects fit in the complex scheme of things, in a manner that can make this much easier for you & your team.