How do you know where and when to target your marketing efforts to maximize the potential for getting consistently successful results? You begin with a strong knowledge-base through analysis of your sales and marketing data. Volatile market conditions require that market analysis be ongoing and iterative.

SwiftSel: Analyze is what we call our array of “forensic marketing” services and products. We investigate and explore your current market environment using high-tech, low-tech and no-tech methodologies. Database analysis allows us to filter potential sales leads and maximize target potential before the sell cycle even begins. Advanced data mining tools tailored to the sales and marketing arena uncover predictive variables to reveal information on current and future movements in your prime market sectors.

Together with our ADSC Technical Marketing Alliance Partners, we can either better enable your Marketing or Business Developement Functions, or even provide these functions if you do not have them, now, on a cost-effective out-sourced basis.

Service ModuleSwiftSel:Analyze
DescriptionSales and marketing data analysis
ElementsMarket research
Competitive research
Data mining applications using machine learning algorythms
Data analysis

High-quality targeted lists
Market analysis reports
Data analysis reports and much more.