Mautic – The World’s First Open Source Marketing Automation Platform



Cover your markets automatically with Mautic Marketing Automation.

Marketing people are busy, challenged & always ready to deal with those few prospects that bubble to the top. But what about those that don’t?

Isn’t there a way to warm them up over a period of time & nurture them until they to can be hot prospects?

That’s where Mautic comes in.

However, many marketing automation platforms impose rigid limits. They can cover only a limited number of prospects without costs escalating in an extreme way. They have trouble integrating with your CRM, ERP & other Enterprise software. Extending them can be quite challenging if this is even possible.

Exceed Marketing Automation Limits

science (1)Mautic totally transcends that as the world’s first Open Source Marketing Automation Platform.

You don’t pay for licensing. You pay for implementation & support & customization.

At ADSC we have available some of the best PHP programmers in the world. And, as the Scriptcase Partner for Canada we have the capabilities & resources to help supercharge your marketing programs, & help them to warm things up as a process.

thermometerMarketing automation boost.

Use Mautic Marketing Automation Platform to constantly be warming up prospects that might turn into sales & as result your markets.

Go beyond simply a few thousand prospects to cover all your markets. Cover all your markets. Cover all your possible integration needs.

Let ADSC & Mautic help you to cover your markets automatically.